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Never Knew I Needed Your Love paperback novel.


When asked what she wanted in a man, Attorney Kenya Monroe said that she wanted him to be educated, at the least have a master's degree, be successful in his career, tall, wealthy, cultured, physically fit, charming, and definitely no kids, because men with kids come with way too much baggage. When she met Devon Jacobson, an ex-hustler who grew up fending for himself, she gets everything except for what she wanted.Devon manages to finesse his way into her heart and ends up being the best thing she has ever had. But, will she allow what she wants her life to be, deter her from what her heart needs and craves. Will he be able to deal with everything that comes with dating a high-class, bougie woman, or will he chunk the deuces and find a woman more his speed?There are secrets, lies, and betrayal that will cause them to question themselves, and may cause them to question each other.Come along for the ride in Never Knew I Needed Your Love.

Never Knew I Needed Your Love

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