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Devastation is the only word to accurately describe what Tara felt when she caught her husband of twelve years putting in overtime work with his secretary. Two years pass, and the secretary becomes the new Mrs. Jason Morgan, letting Tara know that chapter of her life is over. The fairytale of spending forever with her high school sweetheart is no longer her reality, and she is left as a single mother picking up the pieces.
While she goes on the path of healing, she has the chance to give the new wife a taste of her own medicine, and she does it and doesn’t have an ounce of regret about sampling what should have been hers till death. What Tara doesn’t count on is real love surfacing before she has a chance to officially start an affair with her ex-husband.
Returning to North Brooke Port, Zane Simmons, overseas basketball star, gives up his dream to be at his sick mother’s side in his hometown. Officially retired, he goes to the place where his love of basketball started, North Brooke Port Academy, and accepts the position of head basketball coach. While he and his brother, Zeke Simmons, deal with the decline of their mother’s health, they learn firsthand the benefit of having a good woman by their sides.
For Eva Monroe, love is the last thing on her mind. As the mother of two boys, she has the ideal co-parenting relationship with their father, a great career, and at the end of every day, she is content with the woman she is, but she’s not as content as she wants to believe with how ice cold the other side of the bed is.
This love story is dedicated to the woman who thinks love after love doesn’t exist… It does. This is for you… No, this is for us.

& It Was Always You : A North Brooke Port Novel

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