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Jameyah and her five siblings, endured a rough upbringing with an absentee mother addicted to drugs. Although they all may or may not have different fathers, Jamel, Jardani, Jeon, Jai’Vaun and Jah’Loni and Jameyah have a sibling bond that is the source of their survival and inspiration to move forward.

At the tender age of fourteen, Jameyah escapes her reality with her first love who shares the same heartbreak from a drug addicted and absentee mother. Infidelity tears the lovers apart and Jameyah fights to get her life back on track even when unexpected obstacles come her way. Jeon and Jamel, two of Jameyah’s older brothers fight to find the love of a woman worthy of carrying their last names while being the fathers to their children, that they needed when growing up.
Rashad, an old friend, comes back into Jameyah’s life just when she needs him and attempts to tear down the walls of hurt caused by an ex that Jameyah is still in love with.

When her long-lost father, Brutton King finds her, will Jameyah be able to forgive him for not being a part of her life? Do her and her siblings have the ability to forgive their mother who has always chosen drugs over her children?

Come along for the journey as the siblings navigate through the many obstacles of love, life and forgiveness.  

It Be Like That Sometimes

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Paperback version of novel, "It Be Like that Sometimes."

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