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Part 2: In part two of “Forever My Lady,” Luxe, Samir, Zen and Kissney areback for another dramatic rollercoaster ride and if you thought theywere calmer now, you were wrong.After Zen saves Kissney from a hostage situation, they struggle tofind balance with one another. So used to being a single woman,Kissney fears that by being with a man like Zen she will lose herindependence. Will they be able to compromise to keep each othercomfortable?Luxe and Samir are struggling to coexist for the sake of their unbornchild. Samir’s last stunt left Luxe with a bruised and hardened heart,and the last thing she wants is someone’s sloppy seconds, even ifSamir was hers first. By the time Samir realizes he wants what couldhave been, it’s too late. Luxe has already found someone who is readyand willing to love her. Nevertheless, the heart wants what the heartwants. Will Samir and Luxe’s history be enough to override newchemistry?

Forever My Lady 2

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