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Forbidden & It Feels So Good paperback novel. 


Melanie Teague decides to do something about her unhappily married life and finds comfort in the arms of another man from her past. But everything is never as it seems, or is it? Sometimes chasing what your heart and body is longing for, causes your entire world to come crashing down and Melanie is finding that out first-hand.

Will she be able to get her life back on track while keeping up with the picture-perfect image that everyone has of her, Bishop Teague’s youngest daughter? Will she find the love that she has been craving in the arms of the man that she broke her vows in order to run to or will his own secret be too much to bare? Love is a tricky game. A roller coaster full of twists and turns. Come along for the ride that love takes us on. It’s Forbidden & It feels So Good!

Forbidden & It Feels So Good

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