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A cocky, womanizing playboy was how many people, including Emery Hart, would describe Wesley Gray. As the star of the Preto Hills Warriors, everybody has their opinion of who he is on and off the court, but very few have the platform to make their opinion known. Emery, a radio show personality, has people tuned in during their morning commute to hear everything she has to say and all the tea she has to spill.

In the middle of Wesley’s baby mama drama and doing his best at staying out of jail and out of the tabloids, and between Emery’s recent breakup and being fired from the radio show she worked to establish, neither of them is looking for anything, but they can both admit to feeling an unexplainable void in their life. Neglecting the void, their focus is building their legacy and making money.

With Preto Hills being a booming city where #WeBlack is more than just a hashtag, it’s a way of life, the two celebs are familiar, but when they get to truly know each other, their worlds change. Whether the change is for better or for worse is what is yet to be determined.

Deeply In Love

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