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Blaize & Love: I Choose You, paperback novel


In “Blaize and Love: I Choose You,” you’ll get to meet Blaize, Love and their crazy crew of family, friends, and confidants. After years, Blaize is still completely hidden to the fact that Love has been interested in her since the start of time. But after a reconnection with her brother who is fresh out of jail, Blaize must finally come to terms with Love's interest in her. When she begins to give Love a chance, some secrets emerge from the closet that threaten everything the new couple is trying to build.Already having her heart put through the wringer with her previous relationship, Blaize refuses to believe that love hurts and at the first sign that she’s gonna get hurt, she dips and moves away, certain that she wants to forget everything even related to Love. But will it be that easy? Or will Love’s fight for his love, save their fairy tale ending?

Blaize & Love: I Choose You

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