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A Lady & The O.G. Spinoff.
As a young Boss, Zade has everything going for himself with the exception of his love life. Between having the baby mama from hell, being forced to become a single father, and being secretly in love with his best friend, he just wants peace.
Eventually, peace comes in the form of his best friend, Kia, when she finds out that her boyfriend has a secret life that she is completely oblivious to. Kia finds herself battling staying with a man who she is familiar with, although he’s committed the ultimate betrayal, or seeking a relationship with the man who is going to keep it real with her even when it hurts her feelings.
Lexi goes out on the limb and dates a man that’s nothing like any other man she’s entertained, and he ends up being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The hurt she suffered due to jumping into the deep end, leads her to a man of a completely different caliber.
Mario is willing and ready to love Lexi on a level that will having her gasping for air and clenching her pearls. His willingness to love her makes her question if she’s truly ready for love or not. With her ex, Quartez, still fighting for her affection, she become torn between her past and her present. Who will be the one to earn a spot in her future?
Loving a young boss can be hard, but when you love the right young boss, it can be so worth it. Will true love prevail or will hurt feelings and bruised egos standing in the way of their happily ever after?

A Young Boss and His Lady

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