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Let me learn...

So, I was honestly going to take off and Blogcay (Blogcation) the rest of the month for my birthday (May 19th) but I had so many different topic swirling in my little mind that I had to come back after just a week.

Now, lets get to it...

Professionally, I look back and think about every sucky (add it to your dictionary) job that I have had, all the co-workers and mangers that I didn't care for and even all of the checks that were barely enough for me and my child. (Just to testify for a minute; I am a single mother, that is not a secret and my child's father is deceased, which I have been open about. No one financially helps me with my daughter but God has ALWAYS made a way even when I barely had gas and I worked 45 minutes-1 hour away, and she needed diapers. God was faithful and made provision. There was time where I had $60 to make it through the week, I needed gas, she needed diapers, baby food and wipes. That same day as I was sitting wondering what I was going to do, my sister bought my daughter over a case of diapers and wipes. She didn't even know that my daughter needed them. HE IS GOD LIKE THAT! I haven't always been financially stable like I am today, and for that He gets the glory!) Even before I had my daughter, I was always looking for a way to be promoted via another job or another promotion. I was always willing to learn to be a better candidate for my next level.

Professionally and in life, we learn things and attain skills that prepare us for promotion. The things that we go through are never in vain even in the workplace. When I go through thing now, I always encourage myself by saying "Next year, you will appreciate this moment. This moment is building you. This season is preparing you. You are this much closer to your blessing. You are this much closer to peace. You are this much closer to your harvest." I have to tell myself that because it helps me appreciate my weakness. If I didn't know what being broken felt like, I would never be able to fully appreciate and value peace.

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