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Affirmation: I am enough!

Comparison is something I have to constantly remind myself not to do. For me, it comes from a place of not feeling good enough.

Growing up I always felt like the ugly duckling, the friend who was cute for a thick/chubby girl, and the insecurities I formed as a child successfully followed me into adulthood. Those insecurities allowed me to settle for a lot of things and situations that I wouldn't have if I would have been more confident and ware of myself as a woman.

A friend of mine asked a question on Facebook, and the question was, if you could say three words to your younger self, what would it be. My response was 'I am enough,'. Those three words would have meant volumes to me then and now.

I am enough. It's three words that are powerful and it eliminates the need to compare yourself to anyone else besides the woman in the mirror. I refuse to let my perception of what I think I should be or who society thinks I should be, define who I am. I am enough. I always have been and I always will be.

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