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How do you spend 11 Years with someone and just walk away?

Cassie, the singer and P. Diddy, the mogul, were together for 11 years until they parted ways. I have to imagine that love was there for them to share 11 long years (from 2007-2018). However that love has been boxed and shipped as Cassie is now married and expecting her first baby soon.

For a 33 year old woman like Cassie, 11 years is a good portion of life (1/3 of her life to be exact or 33%). It's amazing t think that she left what she thought was love only to discover true love and commitment. As a woman, I don't see myself being with a man for 11 years without being married and birthing some babies but that is exactly what they did; 11 years, no kid and no ring.

Initially when she popped up pregnant and married, I said that she had to be cheating on him. Now, I can't say that my statement is true or false, but I can tell that she is happily counting her blessings all while glowing. However I can't help but to think that she held on to something for so long, all the while, God had something greater for her.

I feel like every situation develops you for who you need to be for tomorrow. Anytime you make an exit whether it be from a job, a relationship, a friendship, anything, you should exit differently and better even if you feel broken when it ends, take that brokenness and rebuild to be better.

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