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It's okay to grow...

Yesterday someone that I grew up with took her soulmates last name. Through the pictures, I can tell that she was embraced and showered in love just as every bride dreams of when marrying her husband.

I mentioned looking at the pictures because unlike everyone that we grew up with, I was not invited. The fact that my attendance was not desired or requested does make me feel some type of way about our 27 year friendship. We go as far back as our mothers growing up together, being pregnant at the same time and giving birth to baby girls one being born April 19th and the other May 19th. Now realizing, that I've used the word 'sister' too loosely and that I have yet again given my loyalty to someone that is undeserving.

I don't blog from a place of bitterness or even pettiness, but more so from a place of sorrow because of the death of a relationship.

Some relationships you really don't see ending and this was one, but today I had to realize that it is okay to grow beyond a relationship. It's kind of like cleaning out your closet and getting rid of the things that you know you'll no longer need. That pair of boots may be cute, but you know that you are no longer going to wear them so give them away and allow room for a pair of shoes that you will get use out of.

Also, I can't get mad at her for showing me her value of our relationship.

It' okay to make room for new people, new hobbies, new favorite foods and etc. It's okay to grow and to outgrow. Although she has been blocked and deleted, (and will stay blocked and deleted) I wish her the best. She taught me a lesson that I had forgotten. Now I'm looking forward to the 'new' that God is going to replace the old with!

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