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I believed him....

If you are anywhere near my age (26), you should have heard about the Millennium with B2K, Mario, Chingy, Ying-Yang Twins, Lloyd and a few others (I haven't always been SAVED SAVED lol). They came to the DFW on 04/19 and I was decked out throwback style in there!

Let me say that the concern bought my 15 year old self back to life and it did me some good to not be in mommy mode for a night.

Now, I have been working towards being a better me mentally, spiritually and physically, and I am understanding that in doing that, I have to treat myself because I have to make my current life (only life) my best. With that being said, I had VIP parking and a Meet & Greet with Mario.

Moment of Silence......

Listen, he is like my personal box of Godiva chocolate. (Don't judge me.) Mario was hands down one of the nicest, sweetest, most handsome men that I have met in life, to date. (Quote me on that.) The highlight of my night was him hugging me and telling me how beautiful I was.

*Que Flashback*

And it's crazy because I believed him. It was nice to hear it from my celebrity childhood crush, but I already knew.

Sometimes people are born 'feeling themselves' but others have to work at it. I am proud to say that I am a work in progress, daily I have to remind myself of my value, my worth and the of the greatness that God had in store when He created me.

'Shining your own crown' is such a broad statement that can touch a vast aray of things simply because it is you, doing what makes you happy and what makes you feel like a Queen. I have said time and time again, that keeping my nails, hair and fitness together make me feel like royalty on the physical side. Devotions, prayer, spending time with God, helps my spirit. I have done the necessary to believe in me as woman, so when he called me beautiful, I already knew, and I believed him.

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