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No, not anymore.

I'm not picky but I desire a man that Loves God and serves God, Loves me, will love my daughter as his own, will respect me and will give me pretty babies. I am not vain but a man with a wack nose to lip ratio is a turn off (don't judge me).

I met guy who was decent enough on paper but to the eyes......Lord Help! Our babies would have to look exactly like me to have a fighting chance at life. (Don't judge me!)

The situation or interaction between he and I is/was pretty fresh but I asked myself the other day was I really willing to build with this man or was I just using him to fill a void and some time. And honestly is was the latter.

I told myself and I decreed to God that I was tired of settling. (Now, I am not waiting on my dream man, Channing Tatum although I believe that he is my husband and future baby daddy (Touch & Agree!)) I believe that God will align me with a man to walk with, to build with and to minister with.

A woman told me a few weeks ago that I was not meant to walk alone. ( I received it!) And in that, if I want my next marriage to be my last, I can't settle. I have to set my standards in dating and set my standards in every aspect of my life. God never created me to settle and I refuse to live below what God created me for.

I'm not settling. NO. Not anymore!

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