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Thats not right....

I have been a Maury Povich fan since the 90's. Bring any baby and any daddy to me and I will give you a read so accurate that the dude will run up and down the streets looking for the real father. Anyway, the other day, I was watching an episode where a wife thought that her husband was cheating, doing drugs and soliciting night walker (prostitutes). She told her and the guys love story about how he helped her get clean from drugs, turn her life around and stopped her from killing herself but now he was taking her through hell and back doing everything that he saved her from.

Some people would say that she had the "superman complex" which is where a person who has been rescued clings to the person who rescues them. I believe that's how most of us get put into unnecessary situations, because we carry people through life who were only meant to be with us a couple of hours, days , weeks or months, but never years.

I admittedly cut people off quickly but it's a lesson that I have learned from carrying people with me for years that shouldn't have ever been allowed to have a conversation with me. The lady on Maury was put at risk because her husband was sleeping with prostitutes, using dirty needles and etc. but had she kept him where he was supposed to be, it would not have happened. HOWEVER (look at your neighbor and say "However.") God allowed her to gracefully go through without being damaged from the storm that she created.


He is God like

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