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Girl you're cute!

"Ooooooooohhhhh you look cute." is something that my one of my coworkers always tells me and I appreciate her for that. I appreciate her being so secure as a woman and being so secure as a Queen that she's willing to polish my crown and give compliments when they are due. I try to be the type of woman that wants every woman to feel good about themselves but just like most women, I have insecurities and sometimes I begin to compare myself to another woman. Especially if she is fit or super toned or #BodyGoals. Now I'm getting there but sometimes I'm like "I need my body like hers right now!" Or "Why can she eat an entire pizza and still be fire?" (Have y'all been Teyana Taylor?) Now, not everybody can give a compliment just like not everyone can accept a compliment but be that shouldn't stop you from owning who you are and who you want to be as a woman. Let's kill each other with compliments! Let's be an alliance of Queens, building ourselves and lending a helping hand instead of watching each other became broken and destroyed. Let's shine each other's crowns!!!!! 

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