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Handle them accordingly...

Most people don't realize my nature; people think that I'm complex in how I choose to group them or handle them but it's really quite simple. I allow people to show me who they are and I handle them accordingly. Sometimes I must admit that I'm quick to write off people based upon certain things, qualities or situations and for that I ask God to allow me to exercise more wisdom. Just in case you're not catching my drift, I'll give you an example: I can't stand liars, it has to be my biggest pet peeve besides people who pop gum or chew too loud (don't judge me lol). Typically when someone lies to me, without question I'll cut them off because that's how much I value honesty and in lying, you've shown me that you have no problem being dishonest and for me that's a problem. Recently someone that I considered a friend lied to me, they said that they would be at a function and they didn't show up. I don't really consider that a lie because I am realistic enough to know that things happen.  The lie came into play when they texted me and told me the "reason" that they weren't there. Now because they live their life out loud on social media, I already knew the situation but it just hurt and shocked me that they would lie about something so simple. With that being said, because I value this person and because I am trying to be better, I am seeking God on how to handle them and on how God wants me to go forward regarding them. Life has taught me that when someone shows you who they are, believe them but we also have to be willing and wise enough to forgive and move forward even when people do us wrong because even in their wrong their season may not be up in our life.

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