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Monday Motivation

My name is Meco and I am addicted to organization and repulsed by chaos......

When it comes to order and punctuality, you really can’t beat me, I almost sleep with my planner under my pillow. (Don’t judge me) With that being said, in my planner I write down everything from Sunday Sermon Notes to what I need to get at the grocery store and I even write weekly quotes to myself and goal that I want to meet that day, that week, the following week, the following month and etc. A few months ago I made a point to go the monthly calendar of every month past June and make a goal regarding QueenMe, just to keep the fire lit under myself. Yesterday, I looked at the month of August because I was trying to find a specific note, and I saw the question “Are you living your dreams?” and my emotional side kicked in and I almost started crying (Almost doesn’t count) because I could legitimately give the answer yes.

For years I’ve done a lot of things that made my parents happy, my family happy, church members happy, society happy and etc. but for once in my life, I am living in my purpose with purpose and it is great. Each day I attempt to take a step forward in getting what God has for me. I get discouraged, hit major road blocks but I keep going because if I don’t follow my dreams I will be building someone else’s. Someone told me that purpose is what comes natural to you, it’s what makes you happy while at the same time being a blessing to someone else.

Go look in the mirror and truly ask yourself “Are you living your dreams and following your purpose?”

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