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You beefing or nah?

When I was in middle school, I remember hearing the phrase or question “You got beef”, I never thought that years later (Let’s not focus on the number of years) people would still be utilizing the phrase. Also, I didn't think that females would still be handling “beef” like a middle schooler would. For those of you that don’t know what beef” is, “beef” in my terms is a conflict or altercation that you have with someone or a group of people.

Majority of people can log onto any social media site at any given time and see some sort of “beef” going on whether it’s between Dana and Donna up the street or Lil B and Moniece on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Several things bother me about how people especially women carry themselves but one thing that drives me crazy is how we (yes me included) allow certain people and situations to take us to a point of acting out of our normal character.

Conflict is a normal part of life and learning how to properly handle conflict is a part of growth. Contrary to popular belief, a misunderstanding can be handled face to face without physical contact or profanity. You should possess a certain level of intelligence as a human to where you can articulate yourself and not do so in a way that disgraces God and could lead to you catching a real life case. (I think that we all know somebody that got a restraining order because of a “beef”. At least I do!)

I never want anyone to think that I am perfect nor to think that certain not-so-nice words have never slipped from my mouth or to think that I haven’t had my share of “beef”, because I am not perfect, I have let several words slip and I have had “beef” for days. What I will say is that now I don’t let it be the fuel to raise my blood pressure. It honestly doesn’t have to come to that, even if the other party of said “beef” is not where you are mentally or spiritually. Pray, say what you have to say and move on or you could choose not to address the situation and move on. The choice is yours, you don’t have to respond to them, and don’t feel like you are a ‘punk’ or ‘wimp’ for not addressing the issue. Let God handle your “beef” because it is only Him that can truly shut the whole situation down!

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