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Back-burner love...

Have you ever met someone that you could see yourself with but you put them on the back burner because you were in a “better” situation, but you always had plans to come back to them if your “better” situation didn’t work it? Then one day, your “better” situation got worse and then ended so you decided to go to the backburner to check on the situation that you’d put on hold? Only to find out that that backburner had moved you to the backburner, or even off the stove and made someone else their better situation? Life is a trip, isn’t it?

I saw a quote one day, and to roughly paraphrase the quote, it said that there are people that are in love and not together and there are people together that are not in love. If you are in a relationship, you should be in that relationship. Be 100% committed, 100% faithful, 100% honest and 100% give your everything to making sure that situation is your better and your only. Hearts get broken by other people being on the stove! (Backburner)

Life is too short to not be with the person that you love. Whoever said “If you can’t have the one that you love, love the one that you are with.” Did not have a clue about love or life. Love is a precious and beautiful thing and you have to be realistic in putting people on the backburner. If you don’t think that they are good enough to be your “better” situation, do them a favor by letting them go so they can go to someone who knows that they are good enough to be the “better” situation.

I am fresh from a relationship of being someone’s “better” situation but also the situation included a psychopath who didn’t know how to handle being put on the backburner (she should have been off the stove). The situation got real ugly real fast and every party involved ended up losing. When you chose to love someone, really love them and give them the love that they deserve, when you play with hearts and trust, you’ll lose every time and if you don’t lose now, you’ll lose late, because what you sow, you reap.

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