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"And she don't even have a man...."

So does anybody have a friend who has a butt load of relationship advice but her own relationship isn’t bout that life? I do! And her name is me! Lol But I am the first to admit or place the disclaimer of “I’m not in the position to offer anybody relationship advice…” and then I proceed to give my opinion. The thing is, I can warn you and try to sway you from making some of the same mistakes that I have made. And please, get your mind out of “mess-mode”, I am not talking about my current relationship status.

Perfect example; when I was 18, I had a friend who shall remain nameless and he was hands-down my best friend. I could talk to him for hours about anything and everything. One day he said to me “I like you, and I think that we should take our relationship to the next level.” I point, blank and period said “No”, I didn’t say “I’ll think about it.” Or “Maybe.” I just simply said “No.” Because I knew that I wasn’t in a committed relationship state of mind, and with that being said, I didn’t want to ruin a valuable friendship. Needless to say, time passed and I kept hearing the “We could good together….” Blah blah blah, and so forth! One day I was finally like, “Okay, let’s start dating!” It was all good until it wasn’t. We went to different colleges and the long distance thing was a nightmare. We tried to make it work and after getting together and breaking up and getting together and breaking it, we just decided to rebuild our friendship. However, I wished that we would have just remained friends and never took our relationship beyond the point of just being best friends. Because, all though we are cool, it was never 100% the same.

Anyway, when I hear people say they are thinking about going there with their best friend, I feel obligated to warn them. Now people marry their best friends every day, and that’s really how it should be. But I feel like I should warn the risk and there being the possibility of losing a valuable relationship because of the complication that love can bring. So, the next time that your friend who really doesn’t have the right or the “credentials” to give love advice, gives you love advice, listen! You don’t have to make my mistakes to learn from them.

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