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Got 'em......

I love my reality tv and Thank God for DVR because I never have to miss my shows, even if I am late, they gets watched! (Yes I said "gets") Anyway, so Love and Hip Hop New York! Did y'all see the look on Mariah Lynns face? Is it mean of me to laugh? Lol Ask me if I care...I don't! Some people truly have everything coming to them and due to the fact that I don't care for her, i dont feel bad for busting out in pure laughter. Not even a little.

That whole situation made my day. It made me think of all of the plotting and scheming "Mariah Lynn's" out there, laughing until it's there turn to be laughed at. I wish that I could have been in the resteraunt with her, Rich and Cisco, I would have tapped her on her shoulder and said "You mad or no?" Is that petty? Yes, buts it's also funny!

Okay, I am going to stop being petty to get down to the moral of the story, and that is, Never mess with friends. Not everybody is capable of being that player. *Pops collar* Lol No that is not the moral either, all though it is a very valid point. The moral is that deceit get's you nowhere. When you put out hate, you can only receive hate. You put out lies, all you can receive is lies. However, when you put out love, you will receive love and when you act in joy, you will receive joy.

What do you want to receive? Now put that out there!

I want to receive love, peace and joy and all of that other good stuff! So what am I going to do, I am going to speak all of that and do my best to exhibit all of that and I challenge you to do the same.

Remember the same wall that you build for someone to jump from is the very same wall that you may fall from, while planning their downfall you could be mapping out your own demise! When Mariah Lynn was playing, I don't think that she ever thought that she would get played.

I'll let that sink in!

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