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My Man Crush....

Hey loves! Happy New Year and all of that jazz!

The other day, I was talking to one of my friends and we were discussing relationships and what makes a good relationship and what the basis of majority relationships whether intimate or friends are. In my opionion, trust, communication, honesty, physical connection and dedication in regards to being there for one another are the most common foundations for any relationship. Then there are other things that aren't so common traits that allow each relationship to be different. So what's your point?

My point is, lets build our perfect man! Well, my perfect man!

Other than the basics I want:

-God-fearing (A Must)












-well dressed

-good hygeine (thats not always common sense)

-good with money

-hard working

-family oriented

-treats my like a queen

-willing to love with no boundaries

-likes music

-culturally diverse

-good cook

-allows me to put my feet up

I think that thats it lol

I challenge all of my single Queens to put together a list of the man that you want God to put in your life. Be open-minded enough to stray from the list, but don't be open minded to the point that you marry the pauper because you don't want to wait for the King.

-Queen Me

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