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Are you a Queen or A Sideline?

Call me old school but I believe in being with a man and not being his number one but being his only one. I believe in being able to walk around with my man and not running into his sidelines. I understand that many women, no females (women know their worth, females don't) accept the role as number one, two, three and etc. because of a man's (male's) status and the lifestyle that is offered by being associated with him.

While watching the Nia and Nas vs. Soulja Boy beef on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (yes I watch), I was thinking, "Like Why are they fighting over a dog?" Soulja and Nia had a miscarriage last year that he abandoned her during yet you are standing there faithfully waiting when you 100% know that he is doing wrong? I don't get it!

Have I played the sideline before? Yes, but in my head, I was number one so it was cool. At that point in my life, I was okay with seeing him with his girl and confident in the fact that I had something that she didn't and that was the reason that he was "with" me. I knew that they were engaged and I knew that she was clueless. I was so far away from appreciating myself and so far from knowing who I was as a Queen, that I would be in the same place with her, hanging with his friends who all knew my role. Why? Because he was a known rapper and I could have him and the next one while he had me and the next one.

Have I known a man was cheating and stayed? Yes. Why? Because I was number one and she was just something to do.

But, that was pre me knowing my worth and knowing that I am a queen by right that only a King can handle.

If a man participates in activity where he risks losing you and your love, let him go.

You're a Queen, you deserve more than a position on a squad! You deserve the throne!

-Queen Me

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